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  • Professional food stylist in New York for editorial, advertising, and film. Food styling and home economist services provided in New York and abroad.
  • A resource for techniques, equipment news, food trends and industry buzz. Publishers of The Tweezer Times, a quarterly publication for food stylists.
  • New York-based food stylist for both film and stills, including editorial, advertising, TV and commercials.
  • Food styling for editorial, advertising and film. Specializes in characters constructed of food.
  • The food fanatics team is devoted to all areas of media food styling, including media training, food styling for print and television, recipe development and testing.
  • Food styling for photography, film, video, TV, advertising. Includes photo gallery and client list.
  • Styling and photography specializing in television commercials, print advertising and packaging, editorial, recipe development, equipment instructions and motion picture.
  • Food styling with an emphasis on ice cream and confections.
  • Professional cook and food stylist based in Argentina specializing in commercial food design for advertising.
  • Food styling for commercial film, print, and video.
  • Contact information and portfolio belonging to food stylist based in Toronto, Canada.
  • Over 25 years of experience styling for packaging, print, advertising, editorial, and television commercials. Based in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Food styling and recipe development services.
  • Food styling with taste and style.
  • New York-based food stylist and recipe developer for editorial, advertising, packaging, TV and commercials.
  • Professional food stylist located in New York. Food styling services for advertising, editorial, TV, packages and art.
  • Based in Maryland. Portfolio, client list, biography and contact information.
  • Live television and still photography food styling services are offered along with recipe development and food writing.
  • Food stylist, cook, and recipe development for print and film advertising, editorial, and packaging. Based in Georgia.
  • New York City based food stylist specializing in media tours, print, and film.
  • AwardsElio - Japan's Premier Italian Restaurant, Catering & Consulting Service Elio Home Restaurant...Italian food culture in Japan 2000 2nd Grand Prix
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