Genetically Modified Organisms, Japan

Genetically Modified Organisms Japan Companies Worldwide
  • Offers services such as GMO testing, non-GMO certification, and Japanese MAFF organic certification.
  • Offers qualitative and quantitative GMO testing services. Facilities in Germany, France, Australia and the U.S.
  • Offers identity preservation services and information for agricultural producers.
  • GMO testing and DNA based traceability testing for processed food and meat products.
  • Offers 8 hour and 4 hour GMO screens, event-specific testing, GMO-free certification and identity preservation services.
  • Seed testing services: testing organic, non-GMO, and conventional seed. Identity Preserved trade solutions. Contract research in plant sciences.
  • Molecular identification laboratory performs GMO testing and allergen detection in food products.
  • Offers a range of GMO testing to help ensure products meet market and legal requirements. Based in Australia.
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